Skateboard park

Kendal skateboard accident

Cumbria Police warns skateboarders it's "inappropriate in the town centre" after a crash left a man with serious facial injuries in Kendal.

Dementia: Symptoms and Support

We look into the symptoms of dementia, what people need to do if they recognise these symptoms and where they can find support.

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Eden Valley tap water blended for quality

When water engineers in the Eden Valley noticed increasing nitrate levels in the untreated water they were collecting, they had to come up with a solution.

Rather than building an expensive and complicated treatment plant, they decided to test a technique more commonly used in the mineral water industry.

Katie Hunter's been to find out more:

Water blending maintains quality in Eden Valley

This borehole retrieves water from 300 metres underground.
This borehole retrieves water from 300 metres underground. Credit: ITV Border

Engineers in the Eden Valley have found an original way to purify water before it reaches people's taps.

When United Utilities noticed increased nitrate levels in some of its raw water, it built two new boreholes both 300 metres deep.

Engineers now blend water from deep underground with water closer to the surface. The company says its helped to improve the quality of its product for people in Cumbria.

A similar technique is used by the mineral water industry.


The molar the merrier: Dentist offers toothbrush swap

Stricklandgate Dental Practice recommend replacing a toothbrush every three months
Stricklandgate Dental Practice recommend replacing a toothbrush every three months Credit: PA

A dentist in Penrith is asking patients to join his 'Toothbrush Amnesty' to raise awareness about oral health.

The practice says that good toothbrushes are important for good oral health and recommend replacing a toothbrush every three months. A toothbrush can have 10 million bacteria living on it which can cause gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath.

Patients of Stricklandgate Dental Practice are being offered a new toothbrush in return for their old one, for free, if they make an appointment in September which is 'Oral Health' month.

'I’ve seen lots of cases of poor oral health and some simple things can be done to ensure problems like tooth decay can be prevented.

We decided to run a Toothbrush Amnesty to help people recognise the importance of maintaining good oral health and give patients the opportunity to kick start their new regime with a brand new toothbrush!'

– Dr Satya Patel, Stricklandgate Dental Practise

Children 'are not eating enough' in the summer

According to a report carried out for breakfast cereal manufacturer Kelloggs one in ten pupils in Scotland come back to school after not eating enough during the school holidays.

In the North West of England that figure is one in six. Around a third of teachers say they've noticed pupils coming back to school underweight, while about a quarter of all parents say the holidays put an extra burden on their food budget.

Full report: Family's closure over father's work accident

In an exclusive interview with ITV News, the family of a man killed in an accident at a slaughter house in the Scottish Borders say they now finally have some closure after the company who owned the abattoir was found guilty of health and safety breaches, following his death.

David Barker was killed at the Galashiels-based Abattoir in January 2011. The company has now been fined £100,000 over failings that led to his death.

Jenny Longden has been speaking to his family.


Slaughterhouse found guilty - 'It is a sense of justice'

The family of a man who died after an accident at work have said they feel 'a sense of justice' after the company was found guilty of health and safety breaches.

David Barker was killed at work in a Galashiels-based abattoir in January 2011.

His stepson, Kevin Telford, says he can move on now that he knows 'the truth':

Son says slaughterhouse should have pleaded guilty

A Scottish Borders slaughterhouse have been found guilty of health and safety breaches after a man was killed in an accident.

Scottish Borders Abattoir Limited were fined a £100, 000 following the death of David Barker in January 2011.

His family say they now have closure. However Kevin Telford, David Barker's stepson, says that the company should have pled guilt:

Cumbrian motorcyclists to help save lives

A life-saving new scheme has been launched in Cumbria.

Blood Bikes will see volunteer motorcyclists providing free out of hours transport for blood and medical supplies.

Blood transportation is an expensive business.

In Cumbria alone 700 units of blood are used a month across our hospitals, that equates to 23 units a day.

Hospitals in our region also transport between their sites four or five times a week, with two or three of these urgent transfers.

Now anyone with a motorbike licence and a willingness to learn could help.

Our reporter Fiona McIlwraith reports on how having Blood Bikes in our region will be a massive benefit for our hospitals.

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