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Father warns about dangers of Meningitis

Meningitis can hit people regardless of age or location and it's a disease that can kill extremely quickly.

One man who knows just how devastating it can be is Michael Pattie from Dumfries. He lost his 13 year old son David in 1999. Since then he's been campaigning with Meningitis Research UK to raise the profile of the disease.

Our reporter Fiona McIlwraith went along to meet him.

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Yes campaign 'gains some traction' on NHS debate

By Debi Edward: Scotland Correspondent

It is perhaps in light of the momentum that the Yes campaign has gained that the No campaign went on the attack today.

They distributed a document - leaked by an NHS doctor - which states:

The leaked document suggests sweeping cuts of up to £450 million will be needed for the health service. Credit: ITV News

The Better Together campaign claims that flies in the face of their rival's claims that only a Yes vote can protect the NHS from cuts.

Well, the Scottish government have said they are the ones protecting and increasing the NHS budget in Scotland, and that only independence can offer the health service a brighter future.

The Yes campaign really have been able to gain some traction on this NHS debate despite health being a devolved issue - the Better Together campaign say it's "the biggest lie" of the referendum so far.


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Brown accuses SNP of 'perpetrating a lie about NHS'

Former prime minister Gordon Brown has accused the SNP of "perpetrating a lie" about protecting the NHS with independence.

The SNP has suggested the NHS is at at risk due to health policies in Westminster, but Mr Brown said the Scottish Parliament already has powers to protect the service.

Gordon Brown accused the SNP of 'perpetrating a lie' about protecting the NHS with independence. Credit: PA Wire

Brown told a pro-Union event in Clydebank, "It is the SNP who are perpetrating a lie about what the NHS can and cannot do in Scotland."

The No campaign has seized on leaked documents that suggest the NHS in Scotland is facing a funding gap of up to £450 million and major changes will be needed.


Father urges parents to know symptoms of meningitis

Meningitis Awareness Week starts today and the public are being urged to remember how devastating the disease can be.

Michael Pattie lost his son David when he was 13 from the viral infection. He's asking parents to research the symptoms and not be afraid to ask for help if they think their child is suffering from meningitis.

Blood Bikes expands to Scotland

The Blood Bikes scheme is ran by volunteers Credit: ITV Border

A life saving service that provides out of hours transport for urgent blood and medical supplies is soon to be rolled out across Dumfries and Galloway.

Blood Bikes is already running in Cumbria and is now expanding to south west Scotland. They will be presented with their first bike this afternoon and anyone with a motorbike licence is being encouraged to sign up to the scheme.

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