Skateboard park

Kendal skateboard accident

Cumbria Police warns skateboarders it's "inappropriate in the town centre" after a crash left a man with serious facial injuries in Kendal.

Dementia: Symptoms and Support

We look into the symptoms of dementia, what people need to do if they recognise these symptoms and where they can find support.

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Asthma attack girl rescued

A 16-year-old girl was rescued by the Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team after suffering an asthma attack.

She came into difficulties on Wednesday 13th August whilst walking with friends. She was then taken to Cumberland Infirmary for further treatment.


Skateboarder injures Kendal man

A man has been left with serious facial injuries after being hit by a skateboard in Kendal town centre.

The man was walking down Finkle Street on Wednesday 6th August when the skateboarder jumped off his board, causing it to fly up into the air and into the gentleman's face.

Cumbria Police is investigating and has issued a warning that "it is inappropriate to skateboard in the town centre".

Dementia course in Cumbria is a first in the UK

There's a boost for people with dementia in Cumbria, as four local healthcare workers have become the first in the UK to successfully complete a new course specialising in dementia care.

The course, introduced at the University of Cumbria, is designed to improve mental health care and raise awareness of the condition in the community.

Kim Inglis has been to meet one of the graduates:


Patients recalled to hospital over infection scare

Hundreds of patients at a Cumbrian hospital are going to have to be tested for infections after equipment that had not been cleaned properly was used in a routine test.

North Cumbria NHS Trust has written to 357 patients who had an endoscopy procedure at the Cumberland Infirmary between 20 May and 19 June.

Hospital bosses say the risks of infection are very low but are urging patients that may be affected to contact a dedicated helpline.

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