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'No words' as thief steals paramedic's response bag

North West Ambulance Service. Credit: ITV Border

North West Ambulance Service says a thief has stolen equipment from one of its paramedics, while they were trying to save someone's life.

The organisation sent out this strongly worded tweet, condemning the theft.

Fifty Cumbrians waiting for organ transplants

Organ transplant bags. Credit: PA

Fifty people in Cumbria are waiting for organ transplants, according to NHS Blood and Transplants.

The group is working with national charities on the Donation Conversation campaign, which aims to get people who register as organ donors to speak to their families about their decision.

This is because eight out of ten adults say they support organ donation, but half have never spoken to their relatives about donating their organs when they die.

The NHS says families are much more likely to agree to the donation of their relative's organs, if they have had a conversation about it.


NHS Borders 'leading the way' against bowel cancer

NHS Borders Credit: PA

NHS Borders is "leading the way" when it comes to screening people for bowel cancer, according to a local MSP.

The Scottish Borders saw the highest uptake of bowel screening in Scotland for invitations between 1 November 2013 and 31 October 2015.

NHS Borders saw 63.6% overall uptake, compared to Scotland’s overall percentage of 57.5%.

Rachael Hamilton South of Scotland MSP said:

Bowel cancer is obviously serious , the third most common in Scotland and taking 1,600 lives a year. The more we can do together to help tackle bowel cancer the better. Screening is crucial to that aim and I am proud that NHS Borders is at the forefront of screening in Scotland.

– Rachael Hamilton South of Scotland MSP

Beds and staff transferred from cottage hospital

Beds and inpatient staff are being transferred to Brampton. Credit: ITV Border

A community hospital in Cumbria will temporarily lose one of its services from today.

All inpatient beds, along with staff from the unit, at the Ruth Lancaster Cottage Hospital in Alston, are being transferred to Brampton.

Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust says it is because of staff shortages in the department.

The Trust says it hopes to re-open it in September.

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