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Foodbank charity responds to Conservative MP criticism

The Trussell Trust has opened foodbanks across the country. Credit: PA

The Trussell Trust has responded to the criticism it received, when announcing that Scotland's only Conservative MP will open a new foodbank in Dumfries.

The charity says it's standard practice to invite a local MP to such events, and plays an important role in informing local politicians about the struggles their constituents can face:

The Trussell Trust has launched 50 foodbanks in 27 of Scotland’s local authorities. When a foodbank is due to launch, it is standard practice to invite the local elected Member of Parliament to say a few words about the opening of the local foodbank. It is also common to invite other elected representatives from the area to participate in the launch and that is the position we have taken with Dumfriesshire foodbank, which will serve the people of Dumfries and beyond.

David Mundell MP, as the elected representative for Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale plays an important role in Westminster and we believe it is important for him, as well as the elected representatives from all other political parties, to be aware of the implications hunger has on the people of his own constituency.

We welcome his willingness to participate in the launch and hear from the people who will be working to tackle food poverty in the area. The Trussell Trust supports a robust and resilient welfare system and is keen to engage with elected representatives from all political parties to raise the challenges of insecure employment, decreasing or static incomes, increasing living costs and welfare reform, which are among the key drivers that lead to hunger.

We have met with David Mundell to discuss these issues previously and are keen to continue to ensure he is aware of the impact they have on his constituents. We will ask that he takes our evidence on the drivers of food poverty and our proposed solutions back to his colleagues in Westminster."

– Trussell Trust


WATCH: Prices vary across Dumfries and Galloway

Variations in the cost of groceries are hitting those in the poorest and most rural areas of south west Scotland.

A study by the local branch of the Citizens Advice Service found the average cost of a basket of essential goods was £17.70 in Dumfries and Galloway.

But that figure ranged from less then £10 in a large supermarket chain in Annan to £22.26 in a smaller local supermarket in Sanquhar.

Matthew Taylor reports.


'There are very few mills like this left'

Almost £1.4 million has been awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund to help restore a Cumbrian mill.

North of England Civic trust plans to buy the property and run it as a working mill.

It wants to open it as a tourist attraction with a traditional bakery on the site.

The Trust says the mill, which has remained almost unchanged since the 1840s, is one of very few like it left in the country.

Cumbrian pupils join Credit Union

A Cumbrian school has teamed up with a local Credit Union to teach pupils how to manage their money.

Children at Threlkeld Primary School are being asked to add their pocket money to a savings account.

Staff at Allerdale Credit Union, who have helped organise the project, say they're impressed by how quickly youngsters have taken to it.

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