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Police and Crime Commissioner costs criticised

Richard Rhodes is Cumbria's PCC Credit: ITV Border

A new survey claims the cost of running police and crime commissioners offices could be cut to put extra police officers on the street.

The report from the Taxpayers Alliance says that for every 1,000 members of the electorate, Cumbria is the seventh most expensive of forty-one force areas in England and Wales.

For every 1,000 people in the area, it says the cost for Cumbria's Police and Crime Commissioner is £2,274.


Barclays customer 'disgusted' by Alston bank closure

Barclays customers in Alston are criticising the bank's decision to close the local branch.

It means the Cumbrian town will be without a bank from December. HSBC pulled out less than two months ago.

Alston isn't the only rural location to lose its bank. Over the past year alone we have reported on a number of other rural bank closures in Cumbria.

But residents in Alston say this closure will really affect their daily lives, as Katie Hunter reports.

Foodbank: Demand is greater than supply

One of many food parcels for children who usually receive free school meals Credit: ITV News Border

The North Lakes foodbank in Cockermouth has issued a plea for donations. It says demand is greater than supply.

The charity is giving food parcels to children who would normally receive free school meals during term time.


Foodbank trust: Mundell 'brave' to attend opening

It was NOT a mistake to invite Scotland's only Conservative MP to the opening of a new foodbank, according to the Trussell Trust.

The charity's Scotland Network Manager says they invited local elected politicians from all the major political parties, and that David Mundell was "brave" to attend the event:

I was glad that he came to the foodbank today, I was glad that he made an effort to be here.

It was a brave move, and a bold move. He's had a lot of negative feedback about being at the launch of the Peebleshire foodbank, and I was happy to welcome him today.

I wasn't asking people to agree with his politics, I wasn't asking them to agree with his view on the Scotland Bill, or the Budget.

I was asking people to welcome him as a human being, and I think he came today to represent his constituents, many of whom are going to have to use this foodbank."

– Ewan Gurr, Scotland Network Manager

Protestor slams 'ridiculous' Mundell

A protestor has called Conservative MP David Mundell "ridiculous", after he attended the opening of a foodbank in Dumfries.

Lesley-Anne McLelland was part of a group of around 50 campaigners, who surrounded the Scottish Secretary's car as he left the event, chanting "shame on you":

David Mundell is coming to open a foodbank today, and in the past he has made the ridiculous claim that there is no link between austerity and foodbanks.

I just find it absolutely ridiculous that somebody in his position can A, say that, and B, come along and open a foodbank.

– Lesley-Anne McLelland, protestor

Mr Mundell says he's disappointed the issue of foodbanks has become politicised, and that he's determined to help everyone in his constituency - whatever their political beliefs.

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