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Sir Alan Beith endorses Tim Farron's leadership bid

Sir Alan Beith was an MP until this year Credit: Fiona Hanson/PA Wire

A senior Liberal Democrat has today endorsed Tim Farron’s bid to become the next Leader of the party.

Sir Alan Beith was the MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed from 1973 until 2015.

In the past he has been the Deputy Leader of the party.

Tim Farron has the right qualities and skills to be a very effective and inspiring leader of the Liberal Democrats, building on the big increase in party membership since polling day and reinvigorating the activists who worked so hard but saw their efforts overwhelmed by the politics of fear in the last days of the campaign.

– Sir Alan Beith

Eden District Council elects new leader and executive

(Left to right back row) Eden District Council’s new Executive: Councillor Adrian Todd, Councillor Mike Slee, Councillor Gordon Nicolson OBE, (front row) Councillor David Hymers, Councillor Kevin Beaty, Councillor Lesley Grisedale Credit: Eden District Council

Councillor Kevin Beaty was elected as the new Leader of Eden District Council at the authority’s Annual Meeting last night.

Following the local elections on the 7 May, the Conservative Group on the council has an overall majority for the first time in the Council’s history.

The new executive is as follows:

  • Kevin Beaty, Leader
  • Lesley Grisedale, Deputy Leader /Housing and Health
  • Mike Slee, Communities
  • David Hymers MB, Economy
  • Adrian Todd, Services
  • Gordon Nicolson OBE, Resources

Members also elected Councillor Mike Tonkin as the Council’s Chairman and Councillor Joan Raine as Vice Chairman.

The following councillors were elected as Committee Chairman:

  • Scrutiny Co-ordinating Board Chairman - Councillor Sheila Orchard
  • Housing and Community Scrutiny Committee - Councillor Joan Raine
  • Environment and Economy Scrutiny Committee - Councillor Malcolm Smith
  • Accounts and Governance Committee - Councillor Keith Morgan
  • Planning Applications Committee - Councillor William Patterson
  • Licensing Committee - Councillor Malcolm Temple
  • Human Resources and Appeals Committee - Councillor John Thompson


South Lakeland District Council's cabinet announced

South Lakeland District Council Leader Peter Thornton announced the new cabinet at a meeting of the Full Council last night.

The new Cabinet membership, and portfolio responsibilities, is as follows:

  • Leader of Council, Portfolio for Promoting South Lakeland and Finance – Cllr Peter Thornton
  • Deputy Leader of Council, Portfolio for Environment and People – Cllr Sue Sanderson
  • Portfolio for Innovation and Improvement – Cllr Jonathan Brook
  • Portfolio for Health and Wellbeing – Cllr Graham Vincent
  • Portfolio for Economic Growth, Town Centres and Small Businesses – Cllr Giles Archibald
  • Portfolio for Housing and Strategic Growth – Cllr Heidi Halliday
  • Portfolio for Culture, Arts and Events – Cllr Chris Hogg

Cllr David Williams, Leader of the opposition group on SLDC, also announced his Shadow Cabinet:

  • · Shadow Leader - Cllr David Williams
  • · Shadow Deputy Leader – Cllr Tom Harvey
  • · Shadow Culture, Arts and Events – Cllr Roger Bingham
  • · Shadow Innovation and Improvement – Cllr James Airey
  • · Shadow Economic Growth, Town Centres and Small Businesses – Cllr Janette Jenkinson
  • · Shadow Health and Wellbeing – Cllr Ben Berry
  • · Shadow Housing and Strategic Development – Cllr John Holmes

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