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Historic day for youth democracy in Cumbria

Nearly 6,000 people vote in National Youth Parliament Credit: ITV Border News

The young people of Cumbria have made their decision on the three candidates they want to represent them in the National Youth Parliament.

Nearly 6,000 young people voted online from 8-12 December in a 15.1% turnout.

The three new Members of Youth Parliament are:

  • 16-year-old Rebecca Morley - MYP for Carlisle and Eden
  • 14-year-old Oliver Dorgan - MYP for Allerdale and Copeland
  • 15-year-old Tom Latham - MYP for Barrow and South Lakeland

“I’m relieved the campaigning is over but I’m happy to have this amazing opportunity. I’m going to use my time in office to work towards raising the minimum wage for under 18s, broadening the range of A level options available and improving transport for young people.”

– Rebecca Morley

“I’m still overwhelmed and speechless. This is a fantastic opportunity but a huge responsibility and I hope I can make a difference. I think what I’ve learnt most is that people are still very much interested in politics, especially young people. And they’re especially interested in the local issues that affect them so that’s what I’ll be focussing on – West Cumberland Hospital, depression and youth employment.”

– Oliver Dorgan

“I’m honoured and slightly surprised to have been elected; the next 15 months are going to be very busy. It was great fun campaigning; I’m looking forward to getting young people interested in local issues and voting. The top three issues I am going to work on are cheaper transport, votes at 16 and climate change”

– Tom Latham

The successful candidates were announced at an election count held at County Hall, Kendal, on Saturday 13 December.

“It was wonderful to see young people excited and enthused by local democracy. So many schools got involved with the voting, and organised lessons on democracy – this election has really made politics come alive for young people. I’m looking forward to working with them during their term in office to address the issues that are important to them.”

– Councillor Anne Burns


'shadow cabinet' unveiled in Holyrood

Jim Murphy unveils new 'shadow cabinet' in Holyrood

New Scottish Labour leader, Jim Murphy, unveils his 'shadow cabinet' team at Holyrood today.

His deputy, MSP Kezia Dugdale, will take on First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in Holyrood as Mr Murphy is currently a Westminster MP.

South of Scotland Labour MSP Graeme Pearson moves from 'shadow Justice Secretary' under previous leader Johann Lamont to the enterprise brief.

He was not included in the 'shadow cabinet' group unveiled today for the media, though he will attend the 'shadow cabinet'.

'shadow cabinet' team Credit: ITV Border News
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