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WATCH: Scottish Labour leader accused of saving SNP

Scottish Labour Leader Kezia Dugdale has been accused of saving the SNP Government from defeat in a council tax debate, after her vote did not register.

She told ITV Representing Border that she DID vote, and that it must have been down to a technical problem.

The Scottish Parliament told ITV Representing Border that voting consoles in the chamber have now been checked, and they are satisfied the system is working properly.

WATCH: MSP quotes Star Trek in Holyrood

New South of Scotland MSP Brian Whittle brought his Star Trek knowledge to the Holyrood chamber today by quoting Montgomery Scott, Chief Engineer of the Starship Enterprise, in a debate on healthcare.

The government's incessant tinkering around the edges of the health of our nation reminds me of a quote from Montgomery Scott, Chief Engineer on the Starship Enterprise, when he said: "The more they overthink the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain. I say to this government, stop what you're doing, it's not working, the plumbing's backed up, do something better."

– Brian Whittle MSP

The South of Scotland MSP, who is a former Olympic sprinter, says the government needs to change its approach to healthcare.

One of the steps he is urging them to take is to increase funding for sports activities for schoolchildren, as well as those who haven't yet started school.

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