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Cumbrian 'Vote Leave' campaign set to launch today

Credit: PA

The Vote Leave campaign is launching its official campaign in Cumbria this evening.

Amongst those who will be there are businessman and UKIP member John Stanyer, who runs a small caravan site and bed and breakfast near Caldbeck.

He believes his business would be better following a British exit from the EU, despite the chancellor George Osbourne today claiming that every UK household would be more than £4,000 worse off:

Even if it meant for me a little bit of a reduction in the amount of money that I make as a business, it would be a price worth paying to get back our freedom and our rights to control our own affairs and to make our own laws. But I am absolutely convinced, as I think are most sensible business people, that trading in the world will continue whether we are in the EU or not.

– John Stanyer

Vote Leave was designated as the official campaign in favour of the UK leaving the European Union on 16th April.

The EU referendum will be held on 23rd June 2016.

Cumbrian Nurses pen public letter calling for better pay

The Nurses' letter Credit: ITV Border

Nurses from Cumbria have put their names to a public letter calling for a greater pay increase.

The Government is set to give nurses a 1% pay increase, but nurses say that the increase in national insurance contributions effectively nullifies the pay rise.

The letter also claims the 1% pay rise is less than the increased cost of living.

Six nurses from Cumbria have signed the letter so far, alongside others from the North East.

WATCH: Our highlights of the Holyrood campaign trail

The pollsters and even the Scottish Tory leader may have already decided the SNP will win the election, but the contest for the most eye-catching photo opportunity of the campaign is still wide open.

With daily news conferences and nightly election rallies a thing of the past, party spin doctors strive to come up with one image that will lead the evening news or make the next day's front pages.

Here's our take of the best of the campaign so far:

Dumfriesshire: SNP & Tories claim they can steal seat from Labour in May's election

Three weeks tonight, the first votes in the Holyrood elections will be counted.

This evening we're continuing our look at the South of Scotland constituencies, with the hotly-contested Dumfriesshire seat.

It's currently held by Labour, but both the SNP and Conservatives claim they can win on May the fifth.

Our political reporter Joe Pike has more:

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