50 Days to the referendum

With 50 days to go until the Scottish referendum, we look ahead to Representing Border's first televised, independence debate.

Pizza, politics and the referendum

ITV Border Political Editor, Peter MacMahon, blogs on the competing claims over promises of more powers for Scotland

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Monday's Border Life on line

On Border Life this week, Gill Brown reports on how how horses are helping people overcome difficulties in their lives. There's a look at Eyemouth's traditional Herring Queen Festival and Emma Baker journeys to the river Ettrick to meet a smoked salmon specialist.


Carlisle Bishop speaks out against assisted dying

The issue of assisted dying is back on the political agenda with a bill being debated in the House of Lords today.

Right-to-die campaigners say it will ease suffering of the terminally ill, they have even received the backing of a former Archbishop of Canterbury.

Those who disagree include the current Bishop of Carlisle, The Right Reverend James Newcombe.

Fiona Marley Paterson has been talking to the Bishop, and two people diagnosed with chronic illnesses, who both have very different opinions on assisted dying.

Bishop of Carlisle: Assisted dying 'not the right track to go down'

The Bishop of Carlisle has urged the Government not to pass a law that would allow doctors to prescribe drugs to end the life of someone with a terminal illness.

Those in favour of the bill say the plans would allow suffering to be eased when people have six months or less to live.

However, The Right Reverend James Newcome told ITV Border the church does not support the idea.

The Assisted Dying Bill: Where do you stand?

We asked two people in Cumbria with chronic, degenerative illnesses what they thought about the issue of assisted dying.

Iain Bainbridge is from Kendal. He is a father, a businessman and a Christian. Six years ago his future was turned upside down when he was told he has Multiple Sclerosis - but he does not agree with the idea of assisted dying,

However, Eric Tiffin doesn't agree. He is from Penrith and has Motor Neurone Disease.


Lord Blencathra: 'I deeply regret' Cayman Island contract

One of Cumbria's best known politicians has apologised to the House of Lords for breaching its Code of Conduct

The former MP for Penrith and the Border, David Maclean, also known as Lord Blencathra, signed a contract with the government of the Cayman Islands to liaise on their behalf and to make representations to MPs.

The House's privileges and conduct committee took a complaint against the conservative peer in March.

'Independence will reduce the flow of trade'

The Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran has been in Dumfries and Galloway today to launch a paper that claims independence will reduce the flow of trade between Scotland and the rest of the UK by more than 80 percent.

The 'Yes Scotland' campaign says that the paper is irrelevant as it draws on out-of-date data from Canada and the USA.

Margaret Curran toured a factory in Lockerbie to highlight the so-called border effect earlier today, as Jenny Longden reports.

Claims of 'Border effect' by Shadow Scottish Secretary

Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran tours a Lockerbie factory
Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran tours a Lockerbie factory Credit: ITV News Border

Independence will create a 'border effect', reducing the flow of trade between Scotland and the rest of the UK, according to a new report by Scottish Labour.

The briefing paper claims trade will be 83% lower after 30 years in the event of independence.

Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran highlighted the so-called 'border effect' during a trip to a Lockerbie factory this afternoon, Thursday 17 July.

The Yes campaign claim the paper is based on out-of-date data that is irrelevant to Scotland.

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