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And then there were fifty four. Another of the SNP's fifty six MPs resigns the party whip as police investigate missing funds. And a demand for the Scottish government to apologise to farmers over late european payments. We speak to the First Minister about those delays and her plans to give more power to rural communities.

Staveley Firefighters say station closure 'will put lives at risk'

A petition against the fires station closure Credit: ITV Border

Retained Fire fighters in Staveley say Cumbria County Council's plans to close their station - and four others - will put lives at risk.

The council has to make savings of £37million and says the number of call outs is going down so these smaller areas can be covered from other nearby stations.

But it means the fire fighters will also lose their jobs.

I don't think it's a very good idea to be shutting fire stations, I mean how much is one person's life worth? If these closures go ahead the potential for something like that to happen is a far greater risk and it stretches all the other crews that would have to cover Staveley.

– Robin Cousins Retained Staveley Crew Manager


John Stevenson MP on police cuts: 'We have to accept we have a large national deficit we have to clear'

Cumbria Police is bracing itself for cuts of more than 11 million pounds Credit: PA

Cumbria Police is bracing itself for cuts of more than 11 million pounds, when the Chancellor outlines his spending plans on Wednesday.

The figure could be higher or lower, depending on what the government has agreed with the Home Office.

The force has already saved 20 million pounds over the last five years.

I don't argue with the principle that the police have to take their fair share of cuts within the public sector but there must come a point that public safety assumes a paramount importance and significant further reductions in the number of officers on our streets might threaten public safety.

– Richard Rhodes Police & Crime Commissioner

We have to accept we have a large national deficit we have to clear, we have to live within our means so there will be cuts across many different departments and I suspect police will be one of them. However we saw with the police funding formula that the government has changed its mind, it's going to be reviewed and I very much welcome that because that would have had very devastating reductions to police in Cumbria.

– John Stevenson MP Carlisle, Conservative

Cumbria Police braced for spending cuts

Police have warned frontline services will be affected. Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Cumbria Police is bracing itself for cuts of 25 per cent when the Chancellor George Osborne outlines his spending plans on Wednesday.

But the figure could be higher or lower depending on what the government agrees with the Home Office.

The force has already saved £20 million in the last five years.

An awful lot of the back office provision has already been taken away and there will come a point where a reduction in back office means officers on the frontline won't be able to operate effectively."

– Richard Rhodes, Police and Crime Commissioner

Northern Powerhouse can 'unlock significant growth' in Cumbria

The Northern Powerhouse minister James Wharton has been speaking to businesses in Carlisle.

He is responsible for attracting more investment to northern cities, and he's been explaining how Cumbrian businesses could benefit over the coming years:

I think devolution has the potential to unlock significant economic growth in places like Cumbria.

It's already doing a lot of exciting things with the nuclear and pharmaceutical industry, and tourism.

There's real potential in Cumbria to go further and devolution can give local people what they need to control that process and deliver on that potential."

– James Wharton MP, Northern Powerhouse Minister


'Northern powerhouse' project leader visits Carlisle

Carlisle Credit: ITV Border

The minister responsible for attracting more investment and business to northern cities, is speaking to local companies in Carlisle today.

James Wharton is leading the Government's so-called 'Northern Powerhouse' project.

He'll be explaining how Cumbrian businesses stand to benefit over the coming years.

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Nicola Sturgeon's shift on Syria. The First Minister says she's prepared to listen to the case for extending military action. But a senior nationalist MSP from the South of Scotland tells Representing Border more airstrikes would be counter productive and play into the hands of the so called Islamic State.

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