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In his latest blog our Political Editor, Peter MacMahon, looks back at the SNP's history and their biggest challenge to date.

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Peter Duncan: There's an 'unstoppable case' for devolved tax powers

A former south of Scotland Tory MP is calling on his party to pledge to hand substantial tax powers to the Scottish parliament.

Peter Duncan, who was the Conservative MP for Galloway and Upper Nithsdale until 2005, says the radical move would help secure a bigger 'No' vote in September's independence referendum.

Mr Duncan has told ITV Border's Representing Border programme there was "an unstoppable case" for devolving most taxes currently levied by Westminster to Holyrood - including income tax.

He says that other than National Insurance and VAT "more or less all other taxes" should be handed to Holyrood to improve the Scottish parliament's accountability to the voters.

You can see the full interview with Mr Duncan - and Robin McAlpine of the left-of-centre Jimmy Reid Foundation - here:

Around The House: Tonight at 11.40pm

ATH titles
Around The House at 11.40pm on ITV Credit: ITV Border

On tonight's programme, Helen Ford talks to two Cumbrian politicians about the county's first 40 years.

Copeland Labour MP Jamie Reed and former MEP Lord Inglewood reflect on the disappearance of Cumberland and Westmorland and on the success of the new county, both in Cumbria and beyond.

Also in the programme, Berwick MP Sir Alan Beith joins the panel to discuss the Chancellor's ambition for full employment.

Around The House is at 11.40pm tonight (Thursday 3 April) on ITV,



Your opinions: Is it a happy birthday for Cumbria?

Today is the 40th birthday for Cumbria and we have been asking you what county you identify with - Cumbria, Lancaster, Westmorland or Yorkshire?

@SarahMcRanty on Twitter


@stupotackers on Twitter

I'm 100% Cumbrian my dad is from Westmorland and my mum is from Cumberland.

@Brian_Steadman on Twitter

Difficult to answer living in Sedbergh! Cumbria, in Yorkshire Dales, Lancashire Postcode, South Lakes Council #whowantsus

Sean Duffy on Facebook - It was known as Cumberland before the changes. It was also a better place to live. The boundary changes killed local communities and left Whitehaven with no local voice.

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