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Kerr: Theresa May could 'end this process tomorrow'

Borders MP Calum Kerr has said Prime Minister Theresa May could stop moves towards a second independence referendum if she reconsidered 'proposals for Scotland to stay within the Single Market'.

The SNP MP for Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk, said: "There is nothing inevitable about this process. If the Prime Minister is prepared to listen to the 64 per cent of Scots who voted to remain in Europe and seek compromise to accommodate these serious and pragmatic proposals, she could end this process tomorrow."

"Unlike in 2014, we know that change is coming either way. So the key question now is who we want to be in control of that change and what kind of country we want our children to grow up in," he added.


Mundell: 'SNP should focus on Scotland'

Scottish Secretary David Mundell has said the Government should focus on Scotland, rather than pushing for a second independence referendum.

The MP was responding to the First Minister's announcement that she would seek approval for a second referendum.

Dugdale: 'Scotland is already divided enough'

Kezia Dugdale, the leader of the Scottish Labour party, has said the country is "already divided enough", without the prospect of a second independence referendum.

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