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'She wears a nice hat': excitement building for Queen's visit

Queen Elizabeth will be arriving at Tweedbank Station at around 1:20pm today, and excitement is building.

We've been speaking to some of the people waiting patiently at the station:

Ella Knoesen Credit: ITV Border

We wanted to bring Ella to see the queen come to the Borders on the steam train."

– Ella Knoesen's mum
Lily-Ruth Turner

I'm excited to see the queen coming and opening the railway. I like how she wears nice hat."

– Lily-Ruth Turner
Trish Harker Credit: ITV Border

Trains coming back to Borders and it's an historical day for the Queen and it's great she's given her big day to us and the Borders.

I was the customer assistant at Tweedbank station and I used to look after the paperwork."

– Trish Harker



Memories of the Queen: 'I'm a fanatic royal'

Howard Armstrong walked from Cummersdale to Carlisle, to see Queen Elizabeth on her visit in 1958.

Howard Armstrong Credit: ITV Border

He was eleven at the time, and went on to work on the Royal Train for the British Transport Police.

His fascination with the Royal Family continues today:

I'd gone into Woolworths to buy a Union flag to wave and it was fantastic because we saw right close up. Where I was standing was beside the fence, the barrier, and the royal car came right down, it was a glass backed car, and it was fantastic, a fabulous day.

I'm a fanatic royal. Well I'm saying that, I'm not, I don't go out of my way to see them, but if the Queen was to come back to Carlisle I'd be one of the first in the queue."

– Howard Armstrong

Crowds gather for Queen's visit

People are waiting in the car park at the station. Credit: ITV Border

A crowd has gathered in the car park at Tweedbank Station, waiting for the Queen's arrival.

People have been queuing outside the station since around 6am this morning, and were allowed into the car park at 9am.

Queen Elizabeth is expected to arrive at the station at 12:18pm, where she will officially open the new Borders Railway.

People were allowed into the car park from around 9am. Credit: ITV Border

Memories of the Queen: Grace Kelly

Throughout the day we'll be bringing you memories of the Queen from people in our region.

Grace was chosen to present flowers. Credit: Jane Kelly

Jane Kelly and her daughter Grace went to see the Queen in Kendal in 2013.

A security guard lifted Grace over the barrier so that she could present her flowers to the queen in person.

My daughter Grace and I went to see the Queen in Kendal. We went early and bought a same bouquet of red, white and blue flowers.

We waited behind the barrier near the cenotaph.

After a while the Queen's bodyguard came over and asked if Grace would like to give her flowers personally to the Queen.

He lifted her right over the barrier and placed her in the line up. I was very proud of her because she was very shy and also looked after the little ones in the line up."

– Jane Kelly
Grace was chosen to present flowers to the Queen. Credit: Jane Kelly
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