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WATCH: Row around Britain

A woman in Kendal is hoping to row around Great Britain, and it's all in the hope of bringing science, maths, and engineering alive for children.

Fiona Marley Paterson reports.

The pictures of the boat in this report are courtesy of Charlie Pitcher.


Super-tides expected on region's coastline

The Scottish and Cumbrian coastlines on high tide warning

The Environment Agency has been warning people living near the coastline from Gretna to Silloth to be prepared for flooding.

The warning comes as the British coastline could experience its highest tides for 18 years this weekend.

They're being dubbed 'super-tides' and are caused when the gravitational pulls of the moon, sun and planets all combine in a freak astronomical phenomenon.

Gen2 bucks national trend

Only 4.3 per cent of the UK's Engineering and Manufacturing apprenticeships were completed by women over 2010/2011.

But one Cumbrian training facility has a female uptake of almost 50%.

Gen2 runs a technical specialist training scheme at Energus in conjunction with companies like Sellafield Limited, Morgan Sindall, and the National Nuclear Laboratory.

It believes its high female uptake is partly to do with the structure of its the course, which has been running since 2007.

Rowing around Great Britain

A woman in Kendal is hoping to row around Great Britain.

And it's all in the hope of bringing science, maths, and engineering alive for children.

She'll undertake the 3,000 mile distance in a special boat that will record information for educational purposes.


Great North Air Ambulance to store blood supplies

The Great North Air Ambulance attending a call out in Northumberland Credit: GNAA

Blood for life saving transfusions will now be kept onboard the Great North Air Ambulance.

It is the result of a partnership with the charity BloodBikes whose drivers will deliver the blood to the ambulance in a temperature controlled bag on the back of their motorbikes.

It is based on methods first used in Afghanistan.

It previously wasn't possible due to the difficulty in storing blood on the helicopters. It is hoped many lives will be saved by this new scheme.

Solar park approved

Artist's impression of a solar park Credit: ITV Border

A solar park in Cumbria has been given the go ahead after the Government decided not to oppose the plans.

The photovoltaic solar park will cover eight fields at Pasture Farm near Aspatria.

Allerdale Borough Council had initially approved the plans but it was delayed by a last minute intervention from Eric Pickles, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. He had received a request from protestors to hold a public inquiry.

But after examining the issue Mr. Pickles has decided to allow the original decision to stand.

Opponents had tried to stop the plan, by Livos Energy, on the grounds that the solar panels would industrialise the landscape. The area already has a number of wind farms.

Study helps struggling pine martens

A study is currently underway to help conserve pine martens in Dumfries and Galloway.

Only 12 of the animals were re-introduced to the area in the 1980s, meaning the current animals are all descended from the original dozen. It's raised concerns over how small the gene pool is in Galloway Forest.

All fur the good of the pine marten population

DNA from pine martens fur will be sent to Ireland Credit: ITV Border
Hair tubes tempts pine martens to leave DNA which can be used by scientists Credit: ITV Border

A project is helping conserve pine martens in Dumfries and Galloway.

DNA is collected from the animals to determine how big a gene pool there is in the area.

"The Commission asked us to set up some monitoring, some new monitoring work and it's a combination of hair tubes, which are these funny orange plastic tubes stuck to trees with food inside and that tempts the pine martens to come up and investigate the bait and then they leave some of their hair on these sticky patches and we can send them off to the lab to get them DNA typed."

– Dr Johnny Birks, Ecologist
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