University gets cash

The University of Cumbria has been awarded £1.74m to help graduates find employment.

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University of Cumbria wins bid for more cash

A project aimed at helping graduates find work has been so successful at the University of Cumbria they have been awarded a further £1.7m to continue its work until 2013.

The university has been a lead partner in the North West regional pilot project for the Department of Work and Pensions

It was funded by the European Social Fund and had been running for three years and was due to finish this year.This money means the project can continue and graduates can get additional training in skills they may need to secure a job.

Graduate Eleanor Missen took part in the programme last October and it acted as the catalyst she needed to kick start her career. She says:

“I was struggling to get past interview stage when applying for jobs. I found the two-day "Graduate Career Boost" excellent in identifying my strengths, improving my confidence and helping me to articulate my skills and experience at interview. Only weeks after the event I was successful in getting a permanent job and I have recently secured a temporary promotion to a graduate level role. My career has really taken off. The skills I learned were invaluable, and will be with me for life.”

– Eleanor Missen
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