First Ministers Questions

At First Ministers questions in the Scottish Parliament Elaine Murray MSP will ask questions about the handling of Khalil Dale's kidnapping and subsequent murder.

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Elaine Murray asks if reward is offered for Khalil Dale's killers

Elaine Murray MSP has used First Ministers questions to ask Alex Salmond about the handling of Khalil Dale's kidnapping and subsequent murder. In the Scottish Parliament she said:

"I do appreciate the need for discretion regarding the information made publicly available by the Red Cross while attempting to secure Mr Dale's release and the continuing need not to let publicity to interfere with solving this brutal crime, but I wonder if the First Minister is able to provide any comfort to Mr Dale's family and friend's regarding what actions were taken after the 26th of January and indeed if he has any information about who may be responsible for his abduction.

"Any I wonder how we in Scotland can assist with solving this crime. For example, has any consideration been given to providing a reward for information leading to prosecution of the perpetrators?"

– Elaine Murray MSP

In Response the First Minister, Alex Salmond explained that The FCO and International Community of the Red Cross worked tirelessly with their collective resources to secure Khalil Dale's release. He said it was easy to say things could have been done differently and added:

"We have no reason to suppose as a Scottish Government that the Foreign Office did not act in the best interests of Khalil Dale in allowing the International Committee of the Red Cross to take the lead that was the request from the organisation. The responsibility that was claimed was well publicised and public declared, we have no reason to suppose that is not an accurate assessment and we will look carefully at any contribution we could make which would help the security of Scottish aid workers working internationally.

– Alex Salmond, First Minister

First Minister's Questions

The Scottish Parilament Credit: ITV Border

At First Ministers Questions at the Scottish Parliament today Elaine Murray MSP is expected to question ministers about how much they knew about the capture and subsequent murder of Red Cross worker Khalil Dale from Dumfries.

Mr Dale was kidnapped in Pakistan in January, he was found murdered on Sunday. He allegedly had a note on his body saying he was killed because no ransom was paid to his captors.


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