Patient health affected by Cumbrian NHS trust delays

The trust that runs the Westmorland General Hospital in Kendal has admitted that around 19,000 patients have been affected by outpatient appointment delays. Of those more than 600 people may have suffered medically by the delay.

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Cumbrian MP calls for apology

South Lakes MP Tim Farron has called for an apology to all the local residents affected by the outpatients problems.

It's after the news that the Morecambe Bay NHS Trust has written to people whose outpatient follow-up appointments were delayed to tell them that their care may have been affected.

The trust, which has faced a series of reviews by health regulators Monitor and the Care Quality Commission (CQC), and has seen a drastic change in leadership over the past few months. It has been criticised over its failure to follow up on outpatient appointments.

The problem with delays in outpatient follow-up appointments at the Trust was highlighted last year. Around 19,000 people had their outpatient appointment delayed and an extra 1,100 clinics were put on to help the backlog. In a statement Mr Farron said:

"I would like to thank staff across all the hospitals for working so hard to clear the backlog and ensure patients are receiving the attention and treatment that they deserve. But I think the management need to take this opportunity to say sorry to the people who have been inconvenienced, concerned or affected by this.

"Now it is important that we continue to work with Monitor and the CQC to ensure that we get this trust back on track - providing the best possible care for all patients across the Morecambe Bay area."

– Tim Farron MP


Patient health affected by Morecambe Bay NHS Trust's delays

Westmorland General Hospital Credit: ITV Border

More than 600 people may have suffered as a result of delays in outpatient appointments at the hospitals run by the Morcambe Bay Hospital Trust, which includes the Westmorland General in Kendal.

The trust has contacted 19,000 patients who had their outpatient appointments delayed to explain that their care may have been affected.

The University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust reviewed all outpatient appointments and found that 663 people may have been adversely affected as a result.

Sir David Henshaw, the interim Chair of the Trust, said: “It is unacceptable that these delays occurred. Local people are right to feel that they have been let down by this Trust in the past.

"The problems are being addressed. There is still a lot to do but I want to be clear: providing safe, high quality patient care will always be our priority. We will not preside over unsafe services."

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