Cumbria Drink drive figures released

Cumbria's drink drive figures for June have been released. Throughout June there were 99 arrests, which is 32 more than last year.

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Drink drive figures increase

Cumbria's summer drink drive campaign has seen an increase in the amount of people arrested.

Throughout June 1322 people were tested and 99 people arrested. This equates to 7% of people tested being over the limit or failing to provide a test.

Of the people that were tested 320 were following an accident, 23 of whom were over the legal limit.

These figures are up form last year where there were 67 arrests.

Chief Inspector Kevin Greenhow who heads up the Roads Policing Unit in Cumbria said:

“More drivers were tested this year than in 2011 and the number which resulted in arrested was similar to previous years, at around seven percent.

“The number of people who still take a risk and drive when under the influence is not acceptable. We work with many different organisations and carry out operations throughout the year to target drink drivers in order to make the message clear that it is dangerous.

“These messages are important and could save people’s lives.

Driving when under the influence of drink and drugs does impair driving and you are not able to make clear judgements, people are not fully in control and are putting lives at risk.

“We will continue to target any driver which we suspect to be under the influence and our officers are highly trained in recognising the signs of those who are driving whilst impaired.

“It is easy to make alternative arrangements if you are going out socialising. If you know you are going somewhere remote or there is a potential you will have a drink, never think you will be ok to drive, you are not. Ask someone to collect you or have a designated driver. Book a taxi, those extra few pounds to get home safely could save your life.”

– Cheif Inspector Kevin Greenhow
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