Wall to wall tourism

Tourism executives from the Far East are in the region to see how better links can be formed between the Great Wall of China and Hadrian's Wall.

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East meets West

An exhibition of photographs of the Great Wall of China opens in London next month. The Hadrian's Wall Trust is helping to stage the exhibition, as a first stage in the developing partnership between Hadrian's Wall and the Great Wall. Images of Hadrian's Wall are part of the exhibition.

Alliance commemorates 25 years of the world's most famous walls being declared World Heritage Sites

Future collaboration between PPMG and the Hadrian's Wall Trust will include tourism, conference and publishing projects.

Linda Tuttiett, chief executive of the Hadrian's Wall Trust said:

"We're delighted to welcome Chen Haiyan to Hadrian's Wall to see part of the Roman empire's north west frontier and the fabulous natural beauty of the landscape in this part of England.

"We are very pleased to announce we will have the Great Wall photos here in Hadrian's Wall Country in November.

"UNESCO's vision for world heritage sites is to promote understanding, tolerance and co-operation amongst the peoples of the world through respect for their shared heritage."

– Linda Tuttiett, chief executive of the Hadrian's Wall Trust