Burglary warning Carlisle

Police warn Carlisle residents as burglaries at insecure homes continue to rise.

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Cumbria police warn of burglaries

Cumbria police are warning residents in Carlisle that burglaries at insecure properties are continuing to rise.

In April 2012, 41% of house burglaries were down to insecurities and insecure burglaries have continued to rise to a staggering 58% between August and September this year.

17 out of 29 reported burglaries between the beginning of August and 10th September were committed at homes where windows or doors were left unlocked.

The burglaries are happening across the city with no specific hotspots.

Detective Inspector Furzana Nazir said:

“The rising number of burglaries shows that the public are still making life easy for criminals. Leaving your home or property insecure will result in someone trying to get in and, if they can get in, they will - and you can say goodbye to your belongings.

“There is no clear time of day when this is happening. The burglaries have generally been scattered across the city which indicates that criminals are just trying their luck. It’s the homes that are left insecure that are being targeted.

“We all need to be vigilant against criminals. Generally speaking, people are aware they need to lock their doors but the number of crime reports we receive suggests that this isn’t happening and people don’t believe it will happen to them. The sad fact is it can – and you are far more likely to be a victim if you leave your property insecure.

“People work hard to afford nice things and nice homes so, please don’t be complacent with your security. If you spend a lot of time in one area of the house which could mean that you wouldn’t hear the front or back door if they were opened –lock them."

– Detective Inspector Furzana Nazir

Police officers will continue their patrols in the local community and are on hand to provide advice to residents who are concerned.

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