Labour Party Conference

The latest from the Labour Party's annual conference in Manchester.

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  1. Helen Ford

The full interview: Ed Miliband

The Labour leader hasn't ruled out the idea of re-nationalising therail network. Ed Miliband was speaking in an interview with ITV Borderat the end of his party's annual conference in Manchester.

Mr Miliband condemned the mistakes which led to the cancellation of the new WestCoast Main Line franchise. He said his party would consider severaloptions for the future running of the railways. Watch Helen Ford's full interview with Mr Miliband here.

Why do party conferences matter?

Each year hundreds of delegates attend the annual party conferences.Leaders are cheered and journalists pick over the contents of speeches.

But what is the relevance of these gatherings beyond the conference floor? What impact do they have on constituents back home? Helen Ford has been getting the thoughts of an MP and councillor.


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