Spate of drink driving

Five drink drivers have been arrested and charged in the Scottish Borders within a week.

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Drink driving cases in Scottish Borders

Five drivers in the Scottish Borders have been arrested and charged in the last week with alleged drink-driving offences.

In two of the cases the drivers' cars were also seized.

Three males in their 50's and one in his 20s were found to be over the legal limit when stopped by police, and a 29 year old woman.

A Police spokesperson said:

“Most drivers in the Borders drive responsibly however there is still a minority who find it acceptable to drive whilst under the influence of alcohol. The safest option is to avoid driving altogether when you have consumed alcohol and to always plan how you will get home if your intention is to go out drinking.

"Our officers will always stop vehicles whenever they suspect that something is not right with the driver and alcohol is always one of the first considerations for an officer when stopping a vehicle. We also receive calls from the public alerting us to possible drink drivers and this can be done anonymously.

"I would urge anyone who suspects that a driver is under the influence of alcohol to contact Police. Drinking and driving can result in losing your licence which will impact employment and family life and there is also the increased risk of being involved in a serious collision.”

– Lothian and Borders police spokesperson
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