Predicted Problems For Borders Railway

New estimates predict a delayed end to the project, and a major overspend.

Transport Scotland respond to railway delay

A Transport Scotland spokesman said:

"In response to the delivery date of the Borders project, we are currently finalising the commercial terms of the contract with Network Rail for handover to them of the scheme delivery, and expect to conclude those discussions later this month.

"The Borders Railway will re-establish passenger railway services for the people of Edinburgh, Midlothian and the Scottish Borders for the first time in over 40 years, delivering real economic and social development opportunities, and offering a fast and efficient railway that will be a real alternative to the car."

– Transport Scotland

They add that the current scheme costs are £235-£295m at 2012 prices.


Potential problems down the track

Latest estimates predict that the Borders Railway will not re-open until at least 2015 - a year later than planned. Project officials also believe that costs for the Tweedbank to Edinburgh route will be around £50 million higher than the £295 million budget.

Transport Scotland didn't comment on the estimates, but confirmed that they are currently finalising the commercial terms of the contract to build the line, and expect that process to be finished in the next few weeks. The Borders has been without a railway since the Beeching cuts of 1969.