Police and Crime Commissioner elections

Elections for Police and Crime Commissioners will be held in Cumbria on 15th November

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Temporary Chief Constable Lawson congratulates Mr Rhodes on becoming the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cumbria.

Cumbria's Temporary Chief Constable has congratulated Mr Rhodes on becoming the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cumbria. Mr Rhodes will take up his position on Thursday 22nd November. In a statement Temporary Chief Constable Lawson said:

“I welcome Mr Rhodes as the new Police and Crime Commissioner for Cumbria and look forward to working with him.

“As we continue to work within an ever changing police force, community policing is our priority. Our focus will continue to remain on tackling crime and anti-social behaviour, bringing offenders to justice and dealing with those issues that matter most to our communities.

“Cumbria has one of the lowest crime rates in the country and our priority will be to maintain this and continue to ensure the Cumbria remains a safe place to live,work and visit.”

– Temporary Chief Constable Lawson


Cumbria first round results

The first round of counting for the Police and Crime Commissioner election is now complete.

Going through to the second round are:

Patrick Leonard (Labour)

Richard Rhodes (Conservatives)

Voting statistics were as follows:

  • Mary Robinson (Independent) : 15245
  • Patrick Leonard (Labour) :15301
  • Richard Rhodes (Conservative) : 18080
  • Pru Jupe (Liberal Democrat) : 13625

Cumbria's count underway

The count at the Lakes Leisure Centre in Kendal Credit: ITV Border

The count is underway in the election of Cumbria's first police and crime commissioner. Turnout was disappointing throughout the county at a little over 16%. The result is expected around 3pm


Cumbria votes for first police commissioner

Voters are being asked to chose a commissioner to oversee Cumbria police Credit: ITV Border

Voting takes place in Cumbria in the county's first election for a Police and Crime Commissioner.

PCCs are being elected to each police force in England outside London. Their responsibilities will include overseeing budgets, setting priorities and appointing Chief Constables.

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