Mine shaft collapse near Egremont

A former mine shaft has collapsed near Egremont. No one has been injured.

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Another home evacuated

A ninth home has been evacuated on Howbank Road in Egremont, after a drilling rig being used to cap a mine with concrete, fell around 50 feet into the shaft on 14th November.

The latest home had to be evacuated because the slippage of the ground surrounding the houses has increased.

Copeland Council say they are continuing to advise residents, for their own safety, not to return to their homes.

"“We are continuing to work with our contractors to identify a solution to the slippage, and our teams will be working on site throughout the weekend as well as continuing to monitor for further movement.

“In addition, along with a number of agencies, we are working to ensure that residents practical and welfare concerns are met.

"We realise that being evacuated from your home without access is incredibly inconvenient, but we must emphasise that this is a necessary safety measure.”

– Pat Graham, Director of Services, Copeland

The council couldn't specify when residents would be allowed to return to their homes, but say they are exploring potential access arrangements for next week.


Council release helpline:

Copeland council have said that anyone with any concerns about the collapsed mine shaft in Egremont should call: 0845 054 8600.

They say they are working with specialist engineers to investigate the cause of the collapse and determine the next steps.

They say they will be regularly be providing updates on the situation.

Evacuated tenants re-homed

The tenants of proiperties that needed to be evacuated in Egremont because of the mine shaft collapse have been re-homed by their housing association, Home group.

Andrea Thorn, Home Group’s head of customer service said:

“Land owned by Copeland Borough Council has suffered subsidence. We have agreed with customers living in four of our properties nearby to relocate while investigations take place.

“We’re providing hotel accommodation for two families and two others have chosen to stay with relatives. We’ll continue to support our customers and we’re liaising with the council on when they will be able to return.”

– Andrea Thorn, Home Group


Houses evacuated after mine collapse

Six houses in Egremont have been evacuated after an old mine shaft collapsed.

The council have been monitoring the area for six months after 'slippage' was reported and a 76m deep pit shaft found.

The council were trying to fill the hole in with concrete when the drilling rig, which was being controlled remotely, fell into the shaft.

No one was hurt in the incident. There is currently a 25m depression around the area which is encroaching on the houses.

Engineering consultants are on site.

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