Royal Scots Borderers return home

Around 60 soldiers from the Royal Scots Borderers are returning home three months early, in time for Christmas.

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Troops return home: Full report

Christmas has come early for 60 soldiers from the South of Scotland's local regiment.

They've arrived home early from Afghanistan as part of the government's plans to reduce the number of troops in the country.

The soldiers, from the Royal Scots Borderers, arrived at their barracks in Edinburgh last night to a rapturous welcome.

Jenny Longden was there to see it:


Troops return home: A snap shot of the emotional reunions

Couple reunited after months apart Credit: ITV Border
Hugs all round Credit: ITV Border
It was an emotional time for families Credit: ITV Border]
For some children, Christmas has come early Credit: ITV Border
The smile says it all Credit: ITV Border
Family reunited Credit: ITV Border
Festive cheer for reunited families Credit: ITV Border
Together again at Christmas Credit: ITV Border

Families reunited for Christmas

Alison Cameron from St Boswells is reunited with her son, Neil Cameron. Credit: ITV Border

It was an emotional time for families as soldiers returned home from Afghanistan three months early.

Alison Cameron from St. Boswells was reunited with her son Neil, who's made it home for Christmas and his 21st birthday.

She said:

"I'm absolutely thrilled, i've just burst into tears. I'm so pleased to see him and so proud of him. His brothers will just love having him home for Christmas"

Soldiers reunited with loved ones in time for Christmas Credit: ITV Border

Borderers soldiers home for Christmas

Around 60 soldiers from the Royal Scots Borderers, 1st Battalion the Royal Regiment of Scotland (1 Scots), will be home in time for Christmas.

The soldiers are returning from Afghanistan three months early and will spend the rest of their tour carrying out duties in Edinburgh.

Their early return home comes as part of the plans to reduce troop numbers in the country from 9,500 to 9,000.

Soldiers from 1 Scots were sent to Helmand Province in September, where they have been working with the Afghan army.