Police warning over tool thefts

Police in Dumfries and Galloway are warning people to remove all tools from their vehicles, after a number of thefts in the region.

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Warning over tool thefts in Dumfries and Galloway

People in Dumfries and Galloway are being warned to take extra care of their tools to prevent them being stolen.

The warning comes after more than £3500 worth of tools were stolen from the Ruthwell and Clarencefield areas this week.

Police say thieves have been targeting garages and vehicles, and are urging workers to remove any valuable tools from their vehicles overnight.

“Around £1,500 worth of equipment was stolen from a van recently and £2,000 worth of tools from a garage and people must take note of this.”

"Power tools are obviously very expensive and sought after items, owners should take the time to mark their property which makes it easier to identify and harder for the criminal to dispose of.

“All valuable items should be secured properly and works vehicles shouldn’t be left with tools and equipment in them overnight.

“Ten minutes at the start and ten minutes at the end of your day can unload the vans. It is not worth the risk, so don’t do it."

– Constable Derek Hughes, Crime Reduction Officer, Dumfries and Galloway Police


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