Cumbria Day

Cumbrian MP Tim Farron has asked local businesses to take part in 'Cumbria Day' which will be held in Westminster early next month.

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Local MPs back 'Cumbria Day'

Cumbria Day was the brainchild of Copeland MP Jamie Reed, but all of Cumbria's MPs have come on board putting party politics to one side for the good of the county.

"We are the most remote English county from the seat of power in this country, we have a responsibility, all of us to plug our businesses in the capital whenever we can and there's few better places to showcase what Cumbria has to offer than the House of Commons, it is a draw for people rather than going to another ordinary venue or restaurant."

– Copeland MP Jamie Reed

Cumbria's food and brewing sector described as 'Best in UK'

Hawkshead brewery and the beer hall Credit: ITV Border

Cumbria's food and brewing sector has been described as the "best in the UK" by local MP Tim Farron.

He is asking local businesses to take part in 'Cumbria Day', which will take place in the House of Commons and will showcase all that is good about businesses in the region.

Alex Brodie, founder and Managing Director of Hawkeshead Brewery says Cumbria Day is important as it will show Westminister that the area is more than a tourist destination.

He said:

"I lived down south for many years but always came up to Lake District and Cumbria when I could.

"A lot of people in London know the Alps better than Cumbria."There is so much on offer here. Yes, we have a booming tourism industry but food and drink tourism has also really taken off.

"We really hope MPs will come along and see what we have to offer so in the future when they are making economic decisions they'll remember us up north."

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