Cumbrian Alps?

A ski centre in Alston, Cumbria is proving popular with local skiers- around 70 people have been visiting the slopes daily since the snow arrived.

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Business booming for local ski centre

The ski-lift overlooking the slopes at Yad Moss, near Penrith Credit: ITV Border

The bad weather has caused all sorts of problems across the region in the past few days, with school closures and transport delays.

However, there is one group of people making the most of the snow.

Skiers and snowboarders have been flocking to the Pennines to enjoy a day on the piste at Yad Moss ski centre.

Skiers flock to Cumbrian ski centre

The heavy snowfall has caused travel disruptions and school closures across the region, but many people have been taking advantage of the cold snap.

Around 70 keen skiers have been visiting the ski centre in Alston, Cumbria on a daily basis since the snow arrived.

The centre offers eight runs and has been operated by volunteers for nearly 40 years.

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