No nuclear waste site for Cumbria

Cumbria County Council have decided that west Cumbria will not host a site for high level nuclear waste.

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National Park addressed on nuclear waste site

A passionate speech has been made from Councillor Woodburn about the National Park.

"I will take this time to clarify that if we take the decision to go forward it will include all of Copeland, including the National Park.

"We will look at Stage 4 potentially excluding areas but there has to be good reason to take an area out."

– Councillor Elaine Woodburn


'No evidence that the area is unsuitable' says councillor

Councillor Elaine Woodburn has responded to questions regarding the suitability of geology in west Cumbria:

"It's a fair nervousness that everybody has but there is no evidence to say that the area is unsuitable but there is also no evidence that it is suitable.

"We will only know if we go forward. And it is looked at indepth.

"Information at this stage is just not available."

– Councillor Elaine Woodburn

Protestors gather outside council meeting

ANTI nuclear protestors outsode Cumbria County Council Credit: ITV Border

Protestors for and against the proposed nuclear waste site are gathering outside of the Cumbria County Council meeting in Carlisle city centre.

ANTI campaigners outside Cumbria County Council Credit: ITV Border
PRO campaigners outside Cumbria County Council meeting Credit: ITV Border

Cumbria County Council meeting begins

The Cumbria County Council meeting to discuss whether to go to the next stage of plans for an underground nuclear waste store in Cumbria has started.

The council leader Eddie Martin has told the meeting that he will allow one hour of questions.

He also said that councillors have faced unfair and personal campaigning from some people involved in the debate.

The first member of the public to speak was Ronald Stirzaker of Radiation Free Lakeland who handed in a petition against the idea of going to the next stage of the process.

'NO Ennerdale Nuclear Dump' addressing council exec

Ms Lyn Walby from NO Ennerdale Nuclear Dump addresses the council executive Credit: ITV Border

Ms Lyn Walby from the 'NO Ennerdale Nuclear Dump' campaign group is addressing the council executive.

Ms Walby is asking Copeland to say no.

She is pointing out that 21,000 people have signed an online petition to say they do not want the Lake District to be considered as a potential site.

NO Ennerdale Nuclear Dump believe where nuclear waste should be buried is a national issue not a local one.

Council leader Elaine Woodburn says they will take into consideration not only the final report from the Managing Radioactive Waste Safely Partnership but all of the letters from members of the public living in Copeland.

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