Seal makes a dash for it

The Scottish SPCA has rescued an adventurous seal pup found during the stormy weather in Stranraer last week.

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Seal pup on road to recovery

A seal pup was found washed up in heavy seas at the ferry port of Lochryan near Stranraer, in South West Scotland last week.

When a ferry worker went to rescue it he ended up with one of the biggest surprises of his life.

Matthew Taylor has been to catch up with the pup who has been on a bit of an adventure:

Seal pup 'is doing well' say wildlife experts

Experts at the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA), National Wildlife Rescue Centre say that a seal pup rescued after being washed up near Stranraer is responding well.

SSPCA Wildlife assistant Kaniz Hayat is one of those looking after seven week old Smartie.

She confirmed that the Grey seal pup was infected with worms which might be one reason it ended up being found by workers at the Cairnryan port.

The animal is beginning to regain weight and is likely to reach its release weight of between 30 to 35 kilos in one months time.

"Smartie is doing very well and we are pleased with her progress.

"It's probably due to her illness that she didn't want to go back into the water and why she appeared to be friendly when approached."

– Kaniz Hayat, Wildlife assistant, SSPCA

The animal centre also confirmed that Smartie is a female.

She is likely to be put back into the wild at Aberdour in Fife where the SSPCA have made a number of sucessful releases.

However, they have not ruled out putting her back into the sea near where she was found.


Smartie the seal on the road to recovery

A seal pup who made a mad dash for dry land during the recent stormy weather is on the road to recovery.

Smartie the seal, as he has now been named, was found by workers at the Cairnryan ferry terminal in their park, where he then refused to get back into the water.

Smartie the seal was found in an unexpected place Credit: Scottish SPCA

The Scottish SPCA then found him lying on the dashboard of a car on Friday morning.

Smartie is recovering from his adventure at the Scottish SPCA's National Wildlife Rescue Centre near Alloa.

Staff hope to return smartie to the wild in a few weeks time Credit: Scottish SPCA

"Smartie was weak and dehydrated when he first arrived but he's now doing really well in our care and already feeding himself.

He's currently housed in an individual seal pen which has a wet and dry area for him.

As he grows in strength and size we'll move him to one of our outdoor pools where he'll interact with other seals and get used to swimming and feeding in deeper water.

We hope to return Smartie to the wild in about a month's time, but only when we're sure he's fully fit and able to fend for himself."

Smartie the seal makes a dash for survival

The Scottish SPCA has rescued an adventurous seal pup found during stormy weather in Stranraer.

Workers at the ferry terminal in Cairnryan spotted the six week old male seal pup in a busy lorry park on the evening of Thursday January 17th.

Smartie the seal was found in an unexpected place Credit: Scottish SPCA

Despite their best efforts to encourage him back into the water he refused to go and when he was still there on Friday morning staff grew concerned for his safety and contacted Scotland's animal welfare charity for help.

The seal had previously refused to go back into the water during the stormy weather Credit: Scottish SPCA

One worker picked the seal pup up and put him in the boot of his car to keep him out of harm's way but the seal managed to break out and was found lying on the dashboard of the car when Scottish SPCA Animal Rescue arrived.

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