A75 improvement announced

Scotland's Transport Minister Keith Brown is to announce the contractors selected to take forward three major road schemes in the south-west of Scotland.

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A75 upgrade to improve road safety

Scotland's Transport Minister, Keith Brown, said that work on the road improvement projects should start in the spring and be completed by 2014.

Below is an outline of the proposed work:

A75 Dunragit Bypass

  • The Dunragit Bypass will improve journey times, operational performance and level of service on the A75, which forms part of the Euro-route for between Europe, Scotland and UK via the ferry terminal Cairnryan.
  • The safety needs of cyclist and pedestrians will be improved with a shared pedestrian/cycleway.
  • HGV traffic will be removed from the village which has a 40mph speed limit.

A75 Hardgrove

  • The A75 Hardgrove to Kinmount scheme will deliver a new 3.6km stretch providing overtaking facilities in both directions.
  • Improving the performance and safety on the stretch of road, increase the number of overtaking opportunities and cater better for the needs of cyclists and pedestrians.

Winning bidders for A75 improvements to be revealed

Scotland's Transport Minister Keith Brown is due to announce the contractors selected to take forward three major road schemes in the South West of Scotland.

Over £36 million is being invested in upgrading two stretches of the A75, at Hardgrove and at Dunragit, and on a scheme to improve the A77.

There have been repeated calls for improvements on the road between Hardgrove and Kinmount section, following a series of accidents, including one which claimed a baby's life.

A local newspaper campaign gathered more than 4,000 signatures on a petition seeking an upgrade.

Mr Brown described the A75 as a lifeline for south-west Scotland, highlighting its importance as a main route to the ferry terminal at Cairnryan.


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