Latest school closures

A list of the latest school closures form across the region.

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Latest school closures in Dumfries and Galloway

Heavy snowfall in Dumfries and Galloway has caused many schools to close.

Below is a list of the latest school closures:

  • Sanquhar Primary
  • Sanquhar Academy
  • Kirkcowan Primary
  • Kelloholm Primary
  • Cargenbridge School
  • Ae Primary
  • Penninghame Primary
  • Carrutherstown Primary
  • Canonbie Primary
  • Beattock Primary
  • Hecklegirth Primary
  • Hottsbridge Primary
  • Gelston Primary
  • Tundersgarth Primary
  • St. Mungo Primary
  • St. Columba's RC Primary
  • Eaglesfield Primary
  • Mouswald Primary
  • Moffat Academy
  • Moffat Primary
  • Hoddom Primary
  • Applegarth Primary
  • Collin Primary
  • Kirkpatrick Fleming Primary
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