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Weather: Less snow but plenty of blow!

Moorpark A714 (photo NANCY VENMAN)
Blue skies, snow and ice in Galloway (Photo NANCY VENMAN)

Less snow may fall out of the sky over the next few days but higher routes will have little thaw so a slow improvement to conditions, despite drier and brighter skies.

The winds will remain very strong from the east. This will continue the risk of drifting and the blowing the lying snow.

ICE is the main hazard for Monday morning after a widespread frost. Commuters should take extra care and extra time for their journey.

Weather: Sunday

No snow but no thaw either - cold and windy. (Photo TRACEY LAING)

Icy start to Sunday. A drier and brighter day today, especially in the west with scattered snow showers feeding in along the strong winds from the east.

The raw wind will also continue to blow the lying snow around, causing drifting/blizzards for exposed, higher routes.

Temperatures will stay around freezing or just above.

Weather: Snow warning replaced by ICE warning

Snow may ease but strong winds and freezing temperatures will continue to cause problems.

A bitterly cold night ahead. Although any snow will ease and finally clear the region the Met Office have replaced the snow warning today for an ice warning overnight.

Expect a widespread frost with lows typically down to -2C. Winds will remain fairly strong, so will continue to cause drifting and blizzard conditions for exposed areas into Sunday.


Weather: Weekend update

Warning continues for the rest of Saturday. Snow easing but another 5-10cm possible in places

The weather improves, slowly, this weekend but it remains cold, windy, frosty and icy.

Saturday: There is potential for another 5-10cm snowfall with the emphasis on eastern parts getting the worst of the weather. Even where snow eases or stops the winds will remain strong and gusty, continuing the blowing/drifting of snow.

Temperatures will struggle to get above freezing and it will feel more like -5C in the wind.

Overnight: the snow band sinks south leaving many parts of the region dry with clearer spells. Expect a widespread penetrating frost with ice expected to be the main problem as wet snow freezes.

Sunday: A quieter day. It will be a frosty, icy start but mainly dry. Although a rather cloudy day some brightness will develop at times, especially in the west. Temperatures again near to freezing and winds strong and icy.

Outlook: Cold and windy. Risk of snow showers feeding in off the North Sea to eastern areas.

Weather: Tonight

Tonight's forecast Credit: Scott Bissett

Sleet and snow will continue overnight, with western hills affected by drifting in the strong winds.

Eastern coasts will have wintry showers and some dry spells.

Minimum temperature -1 °C.

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