Sellafield affected by snow

Sellafield declared a precautionary 'Site Incident' because of the bad weather affecting the area.

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Sellafield status returns to normal

Sellafield has returned to normal after a precautionary 'site incident' was declared earlier because of the bad weather.

Many staff were sent home early because of concerns over their welfare and safety on site.

Following on from a Site Incident being declared at Sellafield earliertoday, we can now confirm that the site status has returned to normal.As a precautionary measure, the Site Emergency Control Centre will remainmanned and operational to deal with any issues arising due to continuingadverse weather conditions.All plants remain in a steady, controlled, safe state and safe manninglevels continue to be maintained."

– Sellafield Spokesman
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Sellafield nuclear site closed for 'staff welfare'

Sellafield nuclear plant has been closed due to "staff welfare" following adverse weather, a spokesperson has said:

Sellafield is not one plant, it has over 1300 buildings – because of this when the site is fully operational it is like a small town, with over

10,000 people working here, moving around. Because of the high winds and the heavy snow, and the fact that a number of roads in West Cumbria have already be closed, it would be unsafe to allow people to move around in this way...There are no nuclear specific aspects of this incident.

– A Spokesperson for Sellafield


Sellafield affected by weather

Sellafield has declared a precautionary 'Site Incident' because of the bad weather currently affecting the area. They have stressed that the move is nothing to be concerned about and is 'in line with well rehearsed procedures'.

Some staff at the site will be allowed to leave early as weather conditions worsen.

A press spokesman said:

In response to the current and predicted adverse weather conditions on and around the Sellafield site, as a precaution, a Site Incident has been declared and the plants on the site have been moved to a controlled, safe, shut down state.The site emergency control centre has been established and is managing the

incident in line with well rehearsed procedures.We have implemented a phased early release of staff from the site.

There is no reason to believe that there will be any off-site nuclear, environmental or conventional safety issues associated with the incident.

– Sellafield Spokesman
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