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Third arrest over expenses 'leak' claims

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Full Report: Crime Commissioner faces questions over expenses

Cumbria's Police and Crime Commissioner says that he is not resigning over the so called 'whistleblowing' expenses scandal.

Richard Rhodes spoke out today for the first time since an investigation was launched over an alleged leak of information about chauffeur driven car journeys that he took.

He also said he had no influence over that investigation.

Hannah McNulty was at the press conference at Cumbria Police headquarters in Penrith.

You can watch her full report below.


Lunchtime Report: Crime Commissioner faces questions over expenses

Cumbria's Police Commissioner Richard Rhodes is holding a press conference to face questions about his expenses and the investigation into them being leaked to the press.

There has been widespread criticism of the way that it has been handled - it centres around the costs of chauffeur driven car journeys taken by the Commissioner.

In a statement, Cumbria Police says it has well established internal whistleblowing procedures for issues to be raised by officers and staff and dealt with in a proper manner.

You can watch the lunchtime report from Hannah McNulty below.

Crime Commissioner to give press conference

Cumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Richard Rhodes will give a press conference at 2 o'clock. He's expected to comment on his expenses and an ongoing police investigation into the alleged leaking of information.

The press conference follows a statement that was released yesterday:

Operational policing matters are the responsibility of the Chief Constable. I do not have the powers to instigate or influence an operational policing investigation and the decision to commence an investigation has been made by solely the Chief Constable. I have not received an update on the investigation other than what has been released in the public domain to allow the Chief Constable his full operational independence.

Nothing more than concerns were raised by my Office... and a criminal investigation was not requested. All subsequent actions... have been made solely by the Constabulary.

Three people have been arrested as part of the police investigation into leaked information.

Mr Rhodes has paid back a £700 expense claim for 2 chauffeured Mercedes trips. The details were released as part of a freedom of information act request, but were due to be made pubic later in the year.


Third person bailed after arrest over expenses 'leak' claims

A 54 year old man has been released on bail, after being arrested as part of an ongoing investigation into leaked details about trips taken by Cumbria's Crime Commissioner Richard Rhodes in a chauffeur-driven car.

The man, who is not an employee of Cumbria Police, was questioned on suspicion of perverting the course of justice following a raid at a house in Penrith yesterday. A 47 year old man and 50 year old woman, who are both police staff, were arrested on 10th April as part of an internal investigation.

They were questioned on suspicion of data protection offences and misconduct in a public office. Both have been released on bail. Labour MP Jamie Reed is calling for the Home Secretary to intervene while Liberal Democrat president Tim Farron described the arrests as a 'threat to free speech'.

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