New patrol boat for Windermere

A new patrol boat for England's longest lake is being launched today.

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As the tourist season begins in earnest this weekend with the May Bank Holiday, Rangers on Windermere are looking to increase patrols to keep it safe for everyone.

A new catamaran will help the National Park Authority enforce speed limits and make sure swimmers and canoeists as well as boat owners can enjoy Windermere this summer.

Ryan Dollard reports:


New patrol boat for Windermere unveiled

A new patrol boat for England's longest lake is being launched today.

The catamaran, built in the Isle of Wight, is the latest addition to the patrol fleet on Windermere.

The Lake District National Park Authority commissioned the new craft, which is replacing one of the lake ranger team's older boats.

The 'Cheetah' vessel is similar to that used by police and the Environment Agency, and will play a vital role in supervising water activities at the popular tourist destination.

"The team and their boats are the authority's face in promoting Windermere as a place for peaceful recreation and the day-to-day management of navigation and registration byelaws.

"Whether they are helping canoeists and swimmers or enforcing byelaws, it's all about making this a safe and enjoyable place for visitors and locals.

"Last year they spent well over 1,000 hours on patrol and had nearly 500 dealings with the public. They conducted 13 surveys and directed 19 speeding cases.

"We are encouraging a shift from fast watersports towards sailing, paddle craft and open water swimming,"

– Sara Spicer, Park management ranger
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