Roman coins on display in Borders

A hoard of Roman silver coins have returned to the Scottish Borders where they were found.

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Children learn the value of rare Roman coins

School work inspired by the Roman coin hoard. Credit: ITV News Border

School children in Melrose have been finding out more about the Roman coins found at Synton.

They have created their own coins from different materials, which are being displayed at the Melrose Trimontium Museum, alongside the coins themselves.

School work inspired by the Roman coin hoard. Credit: ITV News Border

The hoard was found near Ashkirk last year and has recently been acquired by the museum following a successful bid.

"The school next to the museum have created a welcoming exhibition," said Donald Gordon from the Trimontium Museum.

"They have made clay and fabric coins and learned more about how they were found. We can show them these lovely coins, which show the fashions of the day and give children something to look at. The children were very interested in trying to make replicas of them," he added.


Roman coins go on display

The hoards of Roman coins found in the Borders Credit: ITV News Border

228 roman coins found by a metal detectorist between Selkirk and Hawick have gone on display at a local museum.

The antique hoard is now on pubic view at the Trimontium Museum in Melrose.

David and Rosie Jones have been to look at the coins, they said:

"It is fascinating, and another link with the Roman past in the Borders.

"I wonder what else is lying out there unfound. It also makes me wonder about who put them there and why they were hoarded. It is amazing to think they have lasted 2000 years."

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