Chief Constable told: 'resign or retire'

Cumbria's Police and Crime Commissioner Richard Rhodes has called for the temporary Chief Constable Stuart Hyde to either resign or retire.

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Cumbria's Chief Constable still doesn't know if he can return to work

The future of Cumbria's suspended Chief Constable remains is still unclear tonight. Stuart Hyde had been in the post on a temporary basis and today that role was due to come to end, with him reverting to his former job as Deputy Chief Constable.

However Cumbria Police says it won't be able to make any decision about his future until next week. Tim Backshall has the latest and you can watch his report below:

Row over Cumbria police chief intensifies

The row over the future of Cumbria's temporary chief constable is intensifying.

After being cleared of misconduct allegations, Stuart Hyde stressed again today that he's not resigning - or retiring.

Mr Hyde has been asked to go by the force's police commissioner Richard Rhodes - who's now facing criticism over his handling of the misconduct investigation.

South Lakeland MP Tim Farron said it has gone on for too long, and cost the taxpayer too much.

He argued it should be put into the hands of an independent panel.


MP: Stuart Hyde case "expensive and unfair"

Liberal Democrat MP Tim Farron has called for a speedy resolution to the case of Cumbria's temporary chief constable.

Police Commissioner Richard Rhodes called on Stuart Hyde to 'retire or resign' despite a police investigation clearing him of gross misconduct, misconduct and criminality.

The MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale said the case has cost taxpayers far too much money and gone on for too long without reaching a satisfactory conclusion.

Stuart Hyde has no intention of resigning

Cumbria's suspended Temporary Chief Constable Stuart Hyde has said that he has no intention of resigning or retiring despite the County's Crime Commissioner asking him to do so yesterday.

He has just been cleared of misconduct.

"I would like to reiterate that the investigation, lasting the best part of a year, with a team of specialised investigators has found no evidence of misconduct on my part.

"I would speculate that many of the allegations still fulfil the description from the IPCC as “unsubstantiated rumour” or referred to investigation without any prior research or evidence."

– Stuart Hyde

Full Report: Cumbria's Temporary Chief Constable to 'resign or retire'

Cumbria's Police Commissioner has called on the county's suspended Chief Constable to resign or retire.

Stuart Hyde has been suspended since last September.

A police investigation has cleared him of misconduct and any criminal behaviour, but he is now being asked to leave the force.

He has been suspended again under a different process.

Ryan Dollard has the latest - watch his full report below.

"I still wish to serve Cumbria" says Stuart Hyde

Cumbria's suspended Temporary Chief Constable, Stuart Hyde, has given his reaction to the Commissioner's request that he should 'resign or retire':

"It should not come as a surprise that I do not agree with all of what has been said, and that I have a right to make the other side of this inquiry public.

"In any investigation or inquiry there will always be different perceptions of what occurred and the purpose should be to identify the truth. I believe that there is a different perspective than that offered by the PCC.

"Throughout i have maintained that I am not guilty of any serious wrongdoing and the extensive investigation conducted by an experienced Chief Constable supported by a team of specialist investigators has concluded that I was not in fact guilty of any misconduct at all.

"They have recommended that I receive Management Advice in a number of areas, the lowest level of resolution.

" I remain absolutely clear that I still wish to serve the people of Cumbria to the best of my ability. If I considered that the evidence found in the investigation justified the view that I was no longer fit to be a senior police officer I would have retired immediately.

"I do not believe that view is representative of the findings. I am determined to bring these matters to a conclusion and remain willing –as I have previously suggested to the PCC – to undertake mediation"

– Stuart Hyde

To read Mr Hyde's statement in full, click here.


Cumbrian MP wants 'evidence' from Commissioner

Following the announcement asking for Cumbria's Temporary Chief Constable to 'retire or resign', Cumbrian MP Tim Farron has asked to see all of the evidence:

“I want to hear concrete reassurances from the Commissioner that all the necessary legal procedures have been followed to the letter.

"I also want him to agree to show all the evidence to the independent scrutiny panel to allow them to make a judgement. The public do not know the full extent of the situation and they deserve to know what has happened.

“Whatever happens next it must be done swiftly for the sake of taxpayers in Cumbria and it must be done properly to ensure there are no court cases later that could cost further valuable public money.”

– Tim Farron MP, Westmorland and Lonsdale

Cumbria's Chief Temporary Constable to 'resign or retire'

Stuart Hyde Credit: ITV News Border

Cumbria's Police and Crime Commissioner Richard Rhodes has called for Temporary Chief Constable to either resign or retire.

Stuart Hyde was appointed in January 2012 but was suspended in September, following complaints of misconduct.

Police and Crime Commissioner, Richard Rhodes said:

“After careful consideration I am proposing to start the process to ask Temporary Chief Constable Hyde to retire or resign under the section 38 (3) of the PRSRA, in the meantime he has been suspended."

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