Carbon monoxide warning

Cumbria Fire and Rescue service is reminding homeowners that carbon monoxide detectors save lives, after a potential tragedy was averted last month.

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Firefighters visit homeowners to raise awareness

One of the firefighters talking to a homeowner Credit: ITV News Border

Firefighters have been visiting homes in Carlisle to spread awareness of the dangers associated with carbon monoxide.

They say that although people are becoming more aware of the dangers, not everyone is buying the detectors.

Firefighters visiting homes in Carlisle Credit: ITV News Border

Carbon monoxide detectors can be bought from most major supermarkets and online, and start from around £10.

Firecrews warn of carbon monoxide danger

Firecrews are reminding households in Cumbria that carbon monoxide detectors save lives after a potential tragedy was averted last month.

Firefighters attended a report of a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm sounding at a property in Marks Avenue, Carlisle on Friday August 23.

The boiler was found to be leaking, which without the alarm could have gone undetected.

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer and without a detector it might not be discovered until it's too late.

This incident in Carlisle shows how important it is for households to take safety precautions and get a detector installed.

Carbon monoxide detectors are relatively cheap and available to buy at a range of shops or online.

It could be the most important purchase you ever make.

– Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service's Deputy Chief Fire Officer Ian Cartwright
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