Killer whale near Eyemouth

A man kayaking off the coast of Eyemouth had a narrow escape when he came face to face with a killer whale.

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Kayaker terrified whale would tip kayak

John Malone from Newton St Boswells with his small kayak Credit: ITV News Border

John Malone was fishing in his kayak off the coast of Eyemouth when a huge killer whale came spouting out of the water.

Mr Malone, who is an experienced kayaker, caught the footage on his helmet cam.

He has never seen anything like it:

"I was just sitting quietly fishing away, when i started to hear a huge blowing noise. I spun round and right in front of me was a huge killer whale.

"It was only in shot for a few seconds before it disappeared under the water and left a huge suction ring.

"That's when i really started to panic. Once it disappeared, i didn't know where it was going to come up again. Fortunately it didn't come up underneath my kayak."


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