Baby death arrest

The parents of a baby boy have been arrested in connection with his death. The 32 year old man and the woman who's 24 were arrested yesterday in the Harraby area of Carlisle following the death of the baby. They've been released on police bail.

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  1. Matthew Taylor

Parents released on bail after death of baby

Detectives investigating the death of a baby boy in 2011 have released their parents on bail after they were arrested in connection with his death.

The 32-year-old father and the boy's mother, who's 24, were arrested at their home in Harraby, Carlisle, yesterday. No more details are being released.

“While we appreciate this is a very difficult and stressful situation for this child’s parents, we have a duty to investigate all unexpected or suspicious deaths. Only when it's absolutely necessary and we can justify such actions do we take these steps."

– Detective Superintendent Mike Forrester, Cumbria Police.


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