Workington fire station opens

Cumbria's fifth and final community fire station is being officially opened, completing nearly £16 million investment in the county's service.

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"We will try and create better communities"says Chief Fire Officer

"In the old days people thought those red doors acted like barriers. What we are saying now is that we've got a great message to give, that prevention is more important than the response part of the service and we can only do that if we engage with people.

"So come on in. We've got community facilities, we've got facilities to engage young people.

"We will use the positive role models fire officers are to try and create better communities."

– Chief Fire Officer Dominic Harrison

New fire stations bring "benefits to the communities"

The fire station at Workington has four fire appliance bays, extra storage space, a community room, young firefighter and improved training facilities and office accommodation for the Workington Locality management team.

"The official opening of the new Workington station is a real landmark moment in the history of Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service as it's the culmination of a major project that has delivered five new fire stations across the county.

"The stations are a step forward for the Fire Service in terms of the facilities at our disposal and they also bring benefits to communities as they are specifically designed for community use."

– Councillor Barry Doughty


Official opening of Workington fire station

Firemen demonstrating at the new Workington fire station Credit: ITV News Border

Cumbria's fifth and final community fire station is being officially opened.

This marks the completion of almost £16 million investment in the county's service.

Workington is the last of the new fire stations to be built as part of an initiative involving authorities in Cumbria, Cheshire and Merseyside.

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