£70,000 fine for dumping waste

The director of two companies, which dumped waste illegally, has been ordered to pay £70,000 in fines and costs. Richard James Allan, 43, runs Brampton Skip Hire Ltd, and Kingmoor Park-based North West Recycling.

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Company responds to waste dumping fine

Brampton Skip Hire, one of the companies involved in a hearing over illegal waste dumping, has given its reaction to the sentencing at Carlisle Crown Court today.

“This prosecution was based on a breach of regulations, which relate to the paper trail of some of our services and the way in which our products were processed.

“We were delighted the judge accepted that I have the best intentions towards the environment and that the companies have co-operated fully with the Environment Agency following its initial investigation and that we put right was had gone wrong.

“Most importantly the alleged £1.49m criminal benefit was withdrawn and not guilty verdicts were recorded on 16 of the counts against us.

"We have accepted the fines and have already taken remedial action to ensure our processes are robust and resilient. There is no question about the safety of our product.

“The company cares deeply about our local environment and is continually investing in innovative and effective products that have environmental benefits for the people of Cumbria.”

– Richard Allan, Managing Director

Illegal waste dumping result of "sudden growth of businesses"

The court heart that Mr Allan had secured a lucrative contract from Egger factory in Hexham to recycle their waste but instead this and other waste products were being dumped at a number of farms around Carlisle.

The Judge accepted that mistakes in recycling the material were not intentional but were to do with the sudden growth of businesses.

In addition to the fines, Richard Allan will pay £30,000 in costs.

Full Report: Defence begins in illegal waste dumping hearing

It was the scale and the size of the operation that led to system failures - that was the reason given in court for the illegal dumping of waste on a number of farms in Cumbria.

It has been day two of the hearing at Carlisle Crown Court where Brampton Skip Hire and North West Recycling are accused of waste dumping on unlicensed sites.

The judge has said he has not ruled out a suspended sentence for the Company Director of both firms.

Andy Burn reports.


Defence due to start in illegal waste dumping hearing

The defence is due to outline its case at Carlisle Crown Court today over two companies charged with dumping waste illegally.

Brampton Skips and North West Recycling are alleged to have dumped waste at seven farms around Carlisle.

The company director has pleaded guilty to 20 charges.

The three day hearing to determine the level of fines and compensation is continuing.

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