Primary school bans bananas

A primary school in West Cumbria has banned bananas because a pupil has a severe allergy to the fruit.

Banana ban was school's decision

Westfield Primary School pupil Chloe Crouch is allergic to bananas, an allergy that has meant that the school made the decision to ban bringing the food onto campus.

She was born with the condition that also affects her father Lee.

"When Chloe was born we did wonder if she would have the same condition as me. I also have a pretty bad reaction to bananas so we never gave them to here.

"We discovered she did have the allergy when she went to a friends house and accidentally had a banana milkshake.

"She can go into anaphylactic shock and needs urgent medical attention.

"I think the school have been fantastic and so understanding. We didn't ask them to ban to bananas but that's what they decided to do and I support it.

"We know Chloe is safe at school and that is very reassuring for us. Should she come into contact with bananas during school time all safe are trained to stop the symptoms and administer the Epi Pen if needed.

"It is a weight off my mind knowing they know what to do."

– Lee Crouch


School banana ban: Your thoughts


@itvnews @itvborder difficult balance: include the allergic child at food times or limit choices for others? Nuts off menu for ages now!

Karen Rennie on Facebook:

"Would you ask if it was necessary if it was a nut allergy? Of course it is! Who cares if it's a banana allergy or a nut allergy, the school has to take precautions to make sure the child isn't exposed to them while in their care and the best way to do that is ban them."

Bananas banned at West Cumbrian school

The school has banned all banana products Credit: Frank May/DPA/Press Association Images

A primary school in West Cumbria has banned bananas because a pupil has a severe allergy to the fruit.

Bananas and anything that could contain traces of it is not allowed past the gates of Westfield Primary School in Workington.

If the youngster comes into contact with bananas she suffers a severe allergic reaction that requires urgent medical attention.