Pupils sent home from Cumbrian School

More then 1,500 pupils have been sent home from William Howard School in Brampton after water supply problems.

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Engineers try to fix Cumbrian school water problem

Engineers from United Utilities were called out to the William Howard School in Brampton this morning to fix a water supply problem that closed the school.

Over 1,500 pupils were sent home after registration when staff felt it would not be safe to keep the school open.

No other properties in the area have been affected by the issue.

A spokeswoman from United Utilities told the News & Star:

“It seems to be a problem with the school’s own pipework. A pipe may have burst in the school grounds so we have given advice and helped as much as we can but it is not our pipework so we have left the situation with the school.”

– Spokeswoman, United Utilities

Pupils sent home from school after water problems

Pupils from the William Howard School in Brampton were sent home this morning after problems with the school's water supply.

Speaking to the News & Star Headteacher Lorrayne Hughes said:

"To ensure the safety of both students and staff the decision was made to close the school. Students arrived in school, were registered and all students departed safely by 9.20am."

– Lorrayne Hughes, Headteacher at William Howard School


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