Maryport harbour renovation

The first phase of a major overhaul of Maryport harbour has been completed. £500,000 has been spent repairing the dock walls while the construction of a new boathouse for the inshore rescue service is underway.

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Maryport improvements welcomed

"This work is vital for Maryport. We've had a difficult few years and the work on the walls was essential for health and safety.

"The walls were showing their age and needed the large investment to have them up to standard."

– Pauline Gorley, General Manager of Maryport Harbour and Marina Limited

"It's more than just important, it's been necessary to perform the duties we do. The old building was a late 1800's building which just wasn't fit for purpose."

– George Farish, Chairman of Maryport Inshore Rescue

"Whatever we invest in in terms of Britain's Energy Coast now Nuclear Partners, it's all about being a catalyst for investment so hopefully what we've invested, the £1.2 million, will just be a start for things to come for Maryport Harbour."

– Andrew Dodds from Britain's Energy Coast

First stage of Maryport harbour revamp complete

Maryport harbour Credit: ITV News Border

The first stage of the Maryport harbour regeneration plan is complete.

The £465,000 repair programme for Senhouse dock walls is part of a larger £1.2 million improvement scheme for the harbour.

Boats in the harbour at Maryport Credit: ITV News Border

Plans for the harbour include the construction of a new boathouse for the local lifeboat service, upgrading the dock gate and looking into a renewable energy system for the company's properties on the harbour.


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