Same sex marriage bill passed in Scotland

MSPs voted to legalise same sex marriage in Scotland.

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"Why should you have the right to something and I not have the right to something?"

Equality campaigners have gathered outside the Scottish parliament ahead of the vote on the same sex marriage bill.

It's expected to pass its first parliamentary hurdle this evening.

Members of one family who could be affected by that legislation, say it's time they had the same choices as everyone else.

Susan Hart and Kay Hughes live in Hawick with their two sons.

Same sex marriage would 'mean a lot'

Plans to legalise same-sex marriage in Scotland reach a milestone today.

MSPs will debate the issue and vote on it for the first time.

Equality campaigners have rallied outside the Scottish parliament.

The move is opposed by some religious groups, but it's expected to pass its first parliamentary hurdle this evening.

Tom French from the Equality Network said it would 'mean a lot' for the people if the legislation was approved:


Campaigners back same sex marriage vote

Campaigners have met outside Holyrood to show support for the vote Credit: ITV News

Campaigners have gathered outside Holyrood ahead of the first vote to legalise same sex marriage.

MSPs will vote on the issue later today.

People of all ages are hoping MSPs will vote to approve same sex marriage Credit: ITV News

Health Secretary Alex Neil says "marriage is about love, not gender" and is urging politicians from all parties to back the change.

Some religious groups do however remain opposed to the move.

MSPs to vote on same sex marriage bill

MSPs will vote for the first time today on a bill to legalise same sex marriage in Scotland.

Health Secretary Alex Neil is urging politicians from all parties to back the change, arguing that "marriage is about love, not gender".

But some religious groups remain opposed to the move.

The Marriage and Civil Partnership Bill aims to protect the rights of religious celebrants and groups opposed to allowing gay couples to wed.

Under the plans, protection will be offered to individual celebrants who feel it would go against their personal faith to carry out gay weddings.

"At the heart of this issue there is one simple fact: a marriage is about love, not gender.

"I believe it's essential that all couples in Scotland know they have the same rights and privileges, and the same ability to get married.

"I hope that our national parliament takes this opportunity to send a clear signal that in a modern Scotland we are passionate promoters and defenders of equality, and I would urge MSPs to support the Bill."

– Health Secretary Alex Neil
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