Arrest in 'most wanted' search

One of Britain's 'most wanted' men has been found and arrested in Cumbria.

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One of UK's most wanted tracked down in Cumbria

One of the UK's most wanted fugitives has been arrested in Cumbria.

Police tracked down Brian Thexton, who is from County Durham, at a remote farmhouse near Kirkby Stephen last night.

He is accused of being involved in robberies and awaiting trial for conspiracy to supply cocaine.

Detectives had thought he may be hiding in Spain.

He was spotted two weeks ago in Lancaster but escaped police who tried to stop him.


'Wanted man' accused of gang robberies

Brian Thexton, from Durham, is accused of being involved in a number of robberies where a gang would tie up homeowners and force them to give up alarm codes and safe combinations.

In one incident the gang pretended to be police officers to trick the victims into opening the door, before pulling out a pick-axe handle and a baseball bat.

The 37-year-old is also awaiting trial for conspiracy to supply cocaine, over claims that he was the middleman in the sale of half a kilo of the drug, and had admitted conspiring to steal cars and machinery

One of Britain's 'most wanted' men found in Cumbria

One of Britain's 'most wanted' fugitives has been found and arrested in Cumbria.

Brian Thexton was arrested at 8pm on Tuesday (26th November) at a rural property near Kirkby Stephen.

The 37-year-old was named as one of the country's Most Wanted fugitives by the National Crime Agency.

"Detectives from Cumbria Constabulary have worked hard with other police forces in the North of England over recent weeks to track down and arrest Thexton.

"After a uniformed policing operation tonight he was detained without incident at an isolated rural property.

“We would like to thank the community of North Cumbria for their support and can assure them that our county is not and will not become a safe haven for organised criminals.”

– Detective Superintendent Andrew Slattery, Cumbria Police
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