Cumbrian author's wife leaves everything to charity

Anne Wyatt, wife of author John Wyatt, has left the entire contents of her house and her car to Oxfam in Ambleside.

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Full Report: Entire contents of house left to charity shop

People who are suffering because of the typhoon in the Philippines and war in Syria will receive vital assistance, thanks to a donation made to a charity shop in South Cumbria.

The Oxfam shop in Ambleside has received an unexpected Christmas present - a car - and the entire contents of a house.

The gift, which was left in a will, includes collectable bears and dolls houses.

Fiona Marley Paterson reports:

Charity shop's surprise Christmas bonus

A charity shop in Ambleside received a shock after a local woman left the entire contents of her house and her car to them in her will.

Anne Wyatt, who lived near Hawkshead, was the wife of author and first Lake District National Park Ranger John Wyatt, who died in 2006.

ITV Border spoke with Chris Lane, Manager of the Oxfam shop who received the shock bonus:


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