Couple escape ferry fire

A couple from Keswick who escaped the North Sea ferry fire talk to ITV Border about their experience.

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DFDS apologise to passengers after fire

The DFDS, owners of the MS King Seaways that caught fire last night, have apologised to those passengers who felt the situation was not handled well.

A couple from Keswick have criticised the way they handled the fire on board the ship which was heading to the Netherlands.

Andrew Prescott and Sophie Beard say there was confusion and chaos on board the MS King Seaways as passengers looked at the smoke and heard warning signals.

"We have highly trained crew onboard our vessels who acted as quickly and efficiently as possible to contain the fire and ensure that passengers were evacuated to safe areas of the ship. We apologise to passengers who feel there was not a sufficient flow of information, and understand that this was a scary situation for many people, however passenger safety was and always is of paramount importance to us, and the crew’s priority was to act to secure the safety of the passengers onboard."

– Spokesman, DFDS

The DFDS say they take all customer feedback very seriously and ensure that they will take these concerns into account during their debriefing and also incorporate it in future training and drills.

Couple talk of 'confusion and chaos' during ferry fire

Sophie Beard and Andrew Prescott were aboard the MS King Seaways Credit: ITV News Border

A couple from Keswick in Cumbria have criticised the way DFDS handled the fire on board one of its ships.

MS King Seaways had to return to Newcastle instead of heading towards the Netherlands when a fire broke out in one of the cabins.

A 28-year-old man remains in police custody on suspicion of arson.

Andrew Prescott and his girlfriend Sophie Beard say there was confusion and chaos as passengers looked at the smoke and heard warning signals.


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