Amazing flooding rescue

Woman trapped in submerged car rescued after being spotted by a man taking photos.

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Woman reunited with man she says saved her life

A few days ago we brought you the story of an extraordinary rescue.

Colin Smithson from Kirkbride in Cumbria rescued a woman from her car after spotting her vehicle, almost underwater, in the background of one of his photos.

The lady from the car got in touch with us to say she wanted to thank Colin in person because she thinks she would have died if he hadn't come to her aid.

Hannah McNulty was at her home in Port Carlisle for the reunion.


Woman meets man she says saved her life

Elizabeth Young who was saved from her partially submerged car has met the man she says saved her life. Colin Smithson waded through freezing chest high flood water to reach her and bring her to safety

He'd spotted her vehicle while taking photos of the flooding from the balcony of his home in Kirkbride in Cumbria. Elizabeth wants to thank her friends and other locals who were also rushing to help her. Watch Colin and Elizabeth's reunion below:

Woman rescued from partially submerged car after being spotted by man taking photos

Colin Smithson from Kirkbride took this photo and then spotted the car Credit: Colin Smithson

When Colin Smithson snapped some photos from his home in Kirkbride near Wigton, he thought he was just capturing the flooding. When he looked at his pictures on his computer screen, he spotted the roof of a car on the road below him.

He decided to investigate and waded out to the car. Inside, he found a woman, thought to be in her 70s, who was trapped. She'd already called for help but he was able to help her to safety.

Colin says "She was obviously very frightened, she said she'd rang people because she thought she was going to drown because by that time the water was up to her chest and the car was pretty full of water" However he says he's not a hero and says he was just doing what he needed to do.


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