Penrith fire cuts protest

Hundreds of people have marched through Penrith to protest against Cumbria County Council's proposed cuts.

The council has to lose £80m over the next three years and so wants to downsize from two fire engines to one in five Cumbrian towns.

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40,000 sign petition against fire cuts

A petition with more than 40,000 signatures opposed to the proposed cuts to Cumbria's Fire Service has been handed in today.

Cumbria County Council have made proposals to cut fire engines from stations at Barrow, Penrith, Kendal, Whitehaven, Maryport, Dalton and Workington.

The plans are being consulted on in a bid to save £24m from the council's budget. The Fire Brigades Union has said the move would risk lives.


Councillor Says She's Listening to Protest

Firefighters protesting in Penrith say "lives could be put at risk" if plans to axe one of the town's fire engines goes ahead.

The consultation hasn't finished and it's really important to look at all the alternative suggestions that have been made but these are really tough times and we didn't make the propositions lightly. I didn't walk with the march but it's important to listen to how the public feel here today.

– Cllr Patricia Bell, Lib Dem, Penrith East


Fire engine called out in Kendal

1 of Kendal's fire engines was called out on Saturday to help a disabled person locked in a flat. Protesters say response times could fall. Credit: ITV News

"Both our appliances were in Carlisle at a warehouse fire. In order to attend that, Patterdale had to come up to deal with an incident at Rheged. This morning Kendal have been out - if their second pump was not there who would cover the area?"

  • Dawn Coates, Retained Fire Fighter in Penrith.
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